Why People Feel “Empty”

Why People Feel

(MotivateDaily.com) – Do you find yourself with an overbearing feeling of emptiness? You’re not alone. Over 68,000 calls a month come in to the SAMHSA National Helpline for help regarding mental health and substance abuse issues. A sense of emptiness can have many causes — but solutions are also available. We have the details.

The Need for More Meaningful Relationships

One of the main reasons people feel empty inside is because they don’t have meaningful relationships in their lives. The lack of positive and nurturing interaction can have a negative effect on a person’s psyche. This can make life feel less worth living and trigger feelings of extreme loneliness.

If you feel isolated or alone, try to seek out solid, healthy relationships moving forward. Remember, life is always better with good people in your corner.

Making Comparisons

Overwhelming feelings of emptiness can occur when people compare what they have to others. Significant milestones in other people’s lives — a high-paying job, new engagement or significant weight loss — can make us feel a little slighted at times. It can be especially difficult when someone else achieves a goal we’ve been working toward ourselves.

Stop the negative mindset and simply be grateful. Count your blessings. Once you realize all you really have, your life will feel more complete.

Lack of Personal Insight

A lost or hollow feeling can stem from a lack of direction or personal insight in your life. Knowing your worth, and that you are perfect the way you are, can help reinforce your self-esteem.

Figure out what you want to do with your life. Set goals and mark them off every step of the way. A challenge in the way? Don’t get discouraged. Find a way around it and polish off that to-do list.

Recently Experienced a Loss

People who feel alone and empty may have experienced a recent loss, says Help Guide. This could be the death of a loved one or pet, a close relationship or job loss. All carry their own level of trauma and leave an impactful mark on the mind, body and soul.

This type of emptiness is a natural emotion felt by every human. It takes a while to heal, and there is no set time frame for feeling better. If the sadness persists to the point where it’s hard to function or overwhelming feelings of pain immerse you, reach out for help right away.

Feeling empty can stem from something simple like being stood up on a blind date to something complex and painful like the death of a pet. It can also come from not feeling worth or just simply being left out. Sometimes there is no clear reason why. Know that you are always worth it and tomorrow is a new day full of hope and new possibilities.

~Here’s to Your Success!

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