5 Acts of Kindness That Benefit Our Well-Being

5 Acts of Kindness That Benefit Our Well-Being

(MotivateDaily.com) – It might surprise you to know that performing Random Acts of Kindness can benefit you as well as the recipient. It’s more than just the warm glow of knowing you’ve spread kindness in the world. Researchers have found kindness actually has health benefits. It can regulate mood, increase self-worth, decrease pain and treat depression and anxiety.

In short, it makes you feel good — leading to a more positive mental state. Because there’s a strong mind-body connection, acts of kindness could also help support your physical health, too. In fact, one study found that it could help lower blood pressure.

If you need further convincing, here are five acts of kindness that could benefit your well-being:

#1 Give Compliments Freely

As you go through the day, consider the power of compliments. It’s one of the easiest acts of kindness we can perform. Telling someone they did a good job or that they are appreciated can be a powerful way to pass on a little joy and gratitude. Just remember — compliments don’t have to focus only on appearance.

#2 Pick Up the Tab

Want to make someone’s day? When you’re in line for coffee or lunch, offer to pay for the person behind you. It’ll cheer them up and give you a nice warm glow in addition to the many other health benefits of being kind.

#3 Befriend Someone New

It’s never easy being new or being in a situation where you don’t know anyone else. Look for the odd person out — the one no one else is speaking to in a social situation. Going up to say hello and being friendly is a wonderful act of kindness that helps everyone feel welcome and included.

#4 Write a Thank You Note

Gratitude can be powerful! Taking the time to write a thank you note is a great way to show kindness. Grab a card or pen and paper and let someone know they’re appreciated. Leave it anonymously or sign your name. You can even send it in a text or email. However you say, “thank you,” it’s sure to be appreciated.

#5 Be a Helper

One of the best ways to figure out how to be kind is simply to pay attention. Look for ways to help someone else. It can be as easy as holding open the door for the person coming in behind you or seeing someone struggling with a task and offering to help out. You can even extend your kindness beyond people. For instance, you can plant flowers to help the local bee population or put out bird seed for local wildlife. Look for ways to help, and you’re sure to find some!

What if improving your health were as simple as just being kind? With these tips, you can go out into the world and make it better — and improve your own health in the process. If that sounds good to you, what are you waiting for?

~Here’s to Your Success!

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