Making a Not-To-Do List

Making a Not-To-Do List

( – When it comes to productivity during the workday, staying organized is key. This begins with an effective and efficient to-do list. Some people write impressive to-do-lists, yet they’re still tapping their temples wondering why they still can’t get things done. How about trying a not-to-do list? This handy guide includes everything you shouldn’t be doing in between your deadlines. Here’s a starting point to work from.

Don’t Answer Your Phone Every Time

It’s tempting as you’re delving deep into a daily task to find a way to escape for a moment. Oh, a new text notification… why not check that? Those little distractions can put a damper on your deadline. Harvard Business Review recommends avoiding phone calls and notifications you can easily answer later. This will give you more time in your day.

Check Your Email, but Not Right Away

Some emails are important, especially if they are regarding your job or current work task. According to Inc., it can be easy to drift into the abyss of checking your overloaded email box.

Answer what is time sensitive to today’s task and let the rest go until you’re done with what you’re working on. This will alleviate the stress of running your deadlines right into the last hour or minutes.

Set Boundaries With Meetings

New client Skype call at 10:00 a.m.? Or maybe your work team wants to bounce off some marketing ideas? That’s fine, as long as there is an end time with the call. Some virtual meetings or phone calls can extend well past what they should. Explain that you need a definite cut-off time because you have deadlines that you need to meet for the day.

Prioritize Your Workload

When wrapping up the workday and sitting down going over tomorrow’s workload, highlight the most important task. Make sure this gets done first. By setting up your schedule in the proper timeline, you can slam-dunk the important items and allow for a little more breathing room throughout the day.

If you’re so busy making a to-do list each day, and it’s just not working, try a not-to-do list. It could give you a clearer perspective as you mark off all of the appointments and jobs you need to complete moving forward. Life can get complicated. Steer clear of distractions. Learn how to accomplish daily goals and still make time to have a little fun!

~Here’s to Your Success!

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