Would You Trade Your Eyesight for 50k?

Would You Trade Your Eyesight for 50k?

Let’s say someone walked up to you and offered to give you $50k in exchange for your eyesight — would you take the deal? The answer might seem obvious. But if you’re struggling financially, that $50k could look appealing.

We live in a fast-paced society where money and jobs tend to make us forget about other important aspects of our lives. Being in constant survival mode can cause you to ignore the beauty around you and the aspects of yourself that need taking care of. Success is about more than making money. It’s also about finding joy in small moments and time for the people you care about.

If you were to take the deal, giving up your eyesight for the money, you’d be $50,000 richer, but what would you sacrifice in the process? You might miss out on so many beautiful experiences for the rest of your life, while the extra $50,000 is only a temporary fix to your daily challenges.

How do you keep this perspective when you’re considering the hypothetical difference between the value of $50,000 and your eyesight? Check out these tips to help you during those tough days.

Avoid Comparing Yourself to Others

It can be easy to lose perspective when you think you should feel a certain way or accomplish more because of the people or influences around you. People in your life, especially thanks to the age of Internet and social media, can make you feel like nothing you do is enough — but there’s no rule saying you have to meet a certain standard. Allow yourself to move at your own pace and see what it does to your perspective.

Accept That Everything is Temporary

Life is a mixed bag. There are plenty of challenges, but there are also pleasures for you to find and enjoy. It’s important to remember everything, good and bad, is temporary. Even if you’re struggling now, those struggles will likely pass. New challenges may come along, but you’ll have good times to look forward to as well.

Pay Attention to Your Surroundings

One way to keep perspective is to find something around you that makes you happy. This means slowing down for at least a moment each day and paying attention to the world around you.

Even the smallest detail can make a difference, whether it’s hearing a kind word from someone else or enjoying the warmth of the sun on a nice day. Take the time to notice the beauty in the world. Even if you’re going through hard times, those special moments can make it all worthwhile.

Show Someone Love

Whether it’s your mother, friend, partner, child, pet or other important figure in your life, there’s value in expressing your feelings to your loved ones. Showing or receiving affection can raise your mood and remind you of what’s really important in life. What’s money compared to a meaningful relationship? Would you take $50k over having a best friend?

Money and a stable job are certainly important, but it’s just as crucial to prioritize your needs if you want a meaningful and successful life. Try implementing the above tips so that next time someone offers you a hypothetical $50k for something priceless, you can feel good about what you have instead of worrying over what you don’t.

~Here’s to Your Success!

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