Questions You Need to Ask Yourself Before Deciding On a College

More than 25,000 universities in the world have a wide range of faculty, programs, facilities, and costs. Trying to pick a school that gives you the best bang for your buck by offering the most opportunities can feel overwhelming. 

How do you pick the college that’s right for you? Here are some questions to ask yourself that will help you decide which college to commit to.

1. What do I want to study?

Between 20-50% of college students enter their undergraduate program without a decided major. Although 75% end up changing majors during their time at school, it’s important to have some sense of direction as you decide which school best suits your needs. 

Different universities offer different programs and facilities, and you want to know what kinds of resources you’re looking for. 

2. What location will best suit my needs?

Depending on your major, you may want to seek certain cities for your post-grad career. For instance, if you want to go into nursing, it may be best to find a school near a major hospital that could offer potential internships. 

Maybe you already have a job to grow into, and you want to keep it while you’re studying at school. In that case, you may want to consider online school so that you have the flexibility to continue working while getting an education.

3. How can I form a new community once I start school?

It’s important to network during college and build a community that will support you while advancing your education. Look at what opportunities each school offers when it comes to getting involved and making connections with new people.

You want to position yourself in a place that will help you flourish socially so you can form valuable relationships. Who knows- those friendships might help you get bigger and better jobs in the future.

4. What school offers the most scholarship money?

Universities put their money where their mouth is. If they value a particular program or a certain caliber of student performance, there tend to be more scholarship opportunities available for that group of students.

When you’re deciding on a school, be sure to evaluate what schools are willing to invest in your education through generous scholarship offers. 

5. What can I afford?

This is probably the most crucial question that you need to know the answer to. If you pick a school that’s far outside of your budget, you’ll spend decades trying to pay off the student debt that you accumulate over time. 

Take the time to project your potential income during school so that you can make a decision that’s financially beneficial to you.