Sagittarius Horoscope

Jun 6, 2023… What if we just DIDN’T today? You feel me, Sag? Well, the vibe will promote treating yourself with a side of laziness. Great! Well, except if you go all in and indulge yourself while totally ignoring responsibilities. You can avoid a worst case scenario by making your way to meet in the middle. Take on urgent tasks while making time for your need to relax or do self-care. Challenge yourself to find that sweet, salty middle ground. You can make it to the top, one task and one nap at a time. Go for greatness, Archer.

Today’s Good Vibe: They say that the truth can set you free. In fact, honesty is a key to enlightenment and higher thinking. However, harsh truths and brutal honesty can be turned into weapons rather than keys. They can be used as blades that bring pain to others. Let us all be mindful of this and practice kind truths, good truths, enlightening truths. We can share our honesty without brutality.