Sagittarius Horoscope

Feb 1, 2023… Great Googly Moogly! “It’s not on fire!” (While watching it all burn to the ground.) Do you need to make a few adjustments? Or maybe a pick up fire extinguisher? Lying to yourself, even a little white lie, won’t really help you, Sag. Even if it feels like it will in the short-term. Know that the energy could have your intuition turned up on high, revealing whatever lies you’ve told yourself. If you can tap into that energy, you may learn the lessons you need to grow. But you can’t do that if you cling to a fantasy instead. Face it head on, and save yourself a little heartache, my beautiful friend.

Today’s Good Vibe: Own the Tempest! Life is a series of storms and calms. Both can be enough to change a person’s course, but neither can exist indefinitely. When the hardest storms hit, it can be all too easy to get caught up in it and forget that the calm will eventually return. Remember that you too are a force of nature — also ever-changing with the inner strength to navigate each squall. Embrace the next storm, and then be the coming calm.