Pisces Horoscope

Apr 16, 2024… There is a method to your madness, but people in your life may not understand it today. You could make unpopular decisions, causing someone to question your intentions. Your own confidence will be your best friend today, Pisces. Listen to what other people have to say, consider it, but your uniqueness and personal power lies in your strength and ability to hold your ground when you believe in your actions. Doing right because it is right, and not for some reward, allows you to hold your head high.

Today’s Inspiration: In order to make progress and stay happy, we must focus on what we can do right now to make it better. Grumbling over what doesn’t seem possible and being envious over what others have or our shortcomings are sure ways to spend your days in a grumpy slump. You deserve better than that. Of course, it’s okay to want things so long as you work towards obtaining them, but don’t spend your days sitting around longing for change. Make change.