Pisces Horoscope

Mar 27, 2023… You could be vibing so hard today, Fishy, as the vibe boosts your interpersonal connections to help you build intimacy. Your normally deep compassion could get an intuitive boost to help you truly connect with someone who may have been keeping you at arm’s length — or someone you’ve been keeping at a distance. Bridging misunderstandings could happen if you choose compassion over your insistence on being right. Or maybe the compassion that’s needed today will be for yourself. Consider how you can connect more deeply with who you are, Fishy.

Today’s Good Vibe: There once was a tadpole who dreamt of flying. This tadpole never gave up on her dreams, however ridiculed she was by others. Finally, the tadpole grew into a frog and the next thing she knew, she leapt toward the heavens. However briefly, she was soaring through the skies! You, too, can achieve your dreams, no matter how much doubt others cast at you because your success is what you determine it should be.