Gemini Horoscope

May 5, 2021… The only thing super around here could be your sensitivity, Gem, with today’s vibe. You could be tempted to escape from your worries by throwing yourself headlong into a relationship, losing yourself in the process. While it might feel good for a minute or two, you know that giving up you for someone else will never be a good plan for relationship success. Instead, tap into the day’s strong vibes to use your senses and to be kind, not to give yourself up as a means of escape. Your intuition knows, Twins, but you still have to open up those ears and listen in order to grow and heal.

Today’s Good Vibe: From ashes, the Phoenix is born and reborn. Some things must burn to ash in order to for something greater to built from the remnants. A more beautiful and amazing potential is waiting to rise from the burning embers of what once was.