Cancer Horoscope

Dec 6, 2022… Keep calm and DO drink the Kool Aid. Especially if it is that tropical stuff. So good. Cancer, your ego and emotions will get into alignment, so making good decisions will be as easy as catching bees in a pool of honey. I fully endorse the consumption of these vibes! Whatever you want to accomplish today, get busy. Just be sure you’re channeling your higher sense of self and not the lower, impulsive part. Straight up, you could either do a lot of good or unleash hell on earth depending on which part of you takes the reigns. Do the things and do them well!

Though they may never tell you, someone out there admires and reveres you. Perhaps it’s because of the confidence in your walk, the way you love unconditionally, your impressive leadership, your magical, inspiring laugh, or something else entirely. There are things about you that have others looking to you as their role model. Keep being authentically you. After all, you never know who’s watching.