Aries Horoscope

Jun 28, 2023… Know that panic you feel when the thing you’ve been hard at work on doesn’t save? Or the post you’ve been slaving over disappears? Or your phone can’t keep a charge no matter how long it stays on the flipping charger? Yeah, well, if that’s all your favorite, you’ll have a heck of a good day. Yay you. Instead of staying frustrated, make good use of your time. Phone dies? Enjoy face-to-face time with a loved one. System crash at work? Use the wicked sense of humor you’ve been gifted with to make the most out of the day. Onward!

Today’s Good Vibe: When opportunity doesn’t seem to be coming to visit you anytime soon, go knock on its door. You have the power to create your own opportunities. Talk to people, go out and explore, take action, create new intentions, or surf the web and find ways to make your own ways to move forward in what you want. You can do it.