Aries Horoscope

Jun 27, 2023… Carrying all those big emotions around can be pretty draining. With the vibe today, the energy may shift the focus to healthy stuff. While you may roll your eyes at the mind/body/soul lecture, it’s all connected, and you could really use some self-care time to take care of you. Take a mental health day if you can. Or a long lunch. Find a way to listen to what your body needs from you today. Those big emotions could use a big frigging break (so could you). Go do you. The rest of the Zodiac can manage, Aries.

Today’s Good Vibe: When opportunity doesn’t seem to be coming to visit you anytime soon, go knock on its door. You have the power to create your own opportunities. Talk to people, go out and explore, take action, create new intentions, or surf the web and find ways to make your own ways to move forward in what you want. You can do it.