Aries Horoscope

Dec 5, 2022… If you feel like the weekend just broke up with you and you weren’t ready for it to end, you could feel the sharp sting of grief this Monday. Good news! The weekend didn’t leave you for someone else. It sent your butt into Monday to get some me-time. Flip the script this Monday by remembering that the energetic feel of today’s energy could have you stepping up into your power to take charge and find solutions for problems. I mean, not the problem of it being Monday when you ordered two Saturdays and a Sunday, but if you focus instead on getting things done, you may be adjusting your crown (and your attitude) and keeping the saltiness for your fries and not your life.

Though they may never tell you, someone out there admires and reveres you. Perhaps it’s because of the confidence in your walk, the way you love unconditionally, your impressive leadership, your magical, inspiring laugh, or something else entirely. There are things about you that have others looking to you as their role model. Keep being authentically you. After all, you never know who’s watching.