Aquarius Horoscope

May 11, 2022… Hope you’ve been using your gab energy for good, Aquarius, because if you’ve been practicing any form of deception, today could be a day where you’ll be found out. White lies and tall tales could be revealed today, or you might find that you just can’t lie to yourself anymore about a problem. With the energy today, you could find it challenging to be your best self. But you’re no quitter, Water Bearer. Well, except for those projects you’ve never finished, but you’ll get back to those… someday. But you’ve definitely got the right stuff to face the day’s challenge to come to a place of honesty — with yourself and others. If you really screwed up, focus on making it right, not beating yourself up. Keep focused on truth and kindness!

Today’s Good Vibe: There are potentially a bunch of you in existence somewhere, all living similar but slightly different lives in various parallel universes. Wouldn’t it be great if you were choosing to live your best life in all of those realms right here and now, forging happiness despite life’s circumstances?