Libra Horoscope

July 15, 2024… Libras will shine as great leaders and teachers today. Take advantage of any opportunity to assist or teach today. Your supercharged ability to see straight to the heart of any issue and read any room will be noticed. Be open to praise and gratitude, graciously accepting compliments and thanks. Many can benefit from your contributions today, and you most of all. Learning what you know probably didn’t come easily, and it is a joy to be able to put it to good use.

Today’s Inspiration: Only part of the rainbow is visible across the sky at any given time, even if you can see it brilliantly from horizon to horizon. What you probably don’t see is that many times it comes full-circle on itself, as perfect ring of all the colors in the spectrum. And when there is no end of the rainbow, the pot of gold is wherever you want it to be.