Leo Horoscope

May 6, 2022… Uh oh. Where’s little Timmy? Looks like you lost him! Lion, there could be a lot of “little Timmys” today as the energy will promote action and enthusiasm. You’ll likely become so involved with going adventuring that you’ll accidentally leave people behind. Not cool, dude. While chasing the stars will be fully supported by these astro vibes (hard wink), try not to lose touch with the people here on Earth. Maybe you could bring some friends along for the journey. You feel me? Oh, and don’t worry. I found little Timmy.

Today’s Good Vibe: As children, our bodies experience growing pains. As we get older, we experience growing pains of a different kind. We grow as we become better people, but the experience isn’t without ache. Every trial we go through helps our soul get to a more mature state of being. Though these trials of growth are often painful, they are worth it.