Leo Horoscope

Oct 29, 2021… While the work week will be wrapping up for many, the over-stimulation of dealing with too many people may have taken a toll on you. You could need some alone time to renew your capacity for dealing with people. Get through the day the best you can, but break away as soon as possible if you need to be alone in a quiet place to get your spirits back. Headphones or a good book might help, but finding a place to hide and recharge energy could really lift you up.

Today’s Soul Advice: Love is like fine crystal. It’s delicate. A tiny chip is able to grow into a devastating crack OR it can add character — all depending on how you care for it. It’s also transparent, brilliant, reflective, and complementary. As long as you care for it, it will shine and endure. Keep it maintained and polished — don’t forget to enjoy its beauty and drink from it daily.