Pisces Horoscope

Aug 3, 2021…Financial questions may challenge even the most diligent Pisces today. Check and double-check your work for accuracy to rule out mistakes on things that matter. This is actually right up your alley, if you let your intuition lead the way. It might not be fun, but dealing with your money and possessions can bring a sense of accomplishment along with a sigh of relief that your work is truly correct and a reflection of how much you care. Look at you — winning!

Today’s Soul Advice: We humans can be pretty hard on ourselves sometimes. Often we spend more time beating ourselves up over our mistakes than we do celebrating our wins. Yet, when we focus on what’s wrong, we get stressed out and set ourselves up for more mishaps. Take the time to love yourself for all the wonderful things you are, and you may just find that helps you create even more magical moments worth celebrating.