Aquarius Horoscope

Jun 5, 2023… Aquarius, release your inhibitions! Like, within reason. So, the vibe will unleash excellent energies for going after what you want, but it could be helpful to remember to use your head when listening to your heart. If you go off of desire alone, you may very well end up in rather sticky situations, my friendly Water Bearer. You know, like chasing down a cute animal you “NEED” to pet that turns out to have rabies. Yikes! Keep your heart close and your head closer.

Today’s Good Vibe: They say that the truth can set you free. In fact, honesty is a key to enlightenment and higher thinking. However, harsh truths and brutal honesty can be turned into weapons rather than keys. They can be used as blades that bring pain to others. Let us all be mindful of this and practice kind truths, good truths, enlightening truths. We can share our honesty without brutality.