Aquarius Horoscope

May 6, 2022… Wake up, buttercup, because it’s the start of the freaking weekend! Adventure awaits, Aquarius, and you definitely want to fuel up with some magic bean juice (or other choice breakfast beverage) to get primed for this Friday. The vibe could have you setting off on adventures. While your enthusiasm will be noted, try not to leave the ones you love out of the fun. Including others in your plans could enhance the experience. I mean, they’ll need to get their own magic bean juice because you won’t be sharing, but otherwise, the more the merrier, right? Oh yeah!

Today’s Good Vibe: We all carry with us prejudices — bias and judgment built into our minds. Whether or not we act on these prejudices is up to us, though. Truly, we have the power to choose our reactions. We also have the ability to work towards destroying our preconceptions. Mindfulness and compassion helps us with the effort to achieve our spiritual and intellectual evolution.