Gemini Horoscope

May 7, 2022…. Like a moving sidewalk in a busy airport, roll forward but keep your eyes on your surroundings. Are you headed in the right direction, Gem? Today will have a strong energy that could challenge you to look more closely at how you live your life — and if the way you choose to live aligns with your higher purpose and goals. If the answer isn’t an immediate and enthusiastic yes, keeping your eyes open while still moving toward your goals could help you make the adjustments necessary to align with the life you want to be living. Keep on keeping on!

Today’s Good Vibe: Let us never assume that we know everything we need to know. This world is vast with knowledge and we would be robbing ourselves from precious gems if we ceased the search for enlightenment. Do not stop thirsting for learning. There are so many fascinating things you’ve yet to meet.