Cancer Horoscope

Jan 16, 2022… Know when you have a crush and it’s super bright and awesome? I mean, before it’s really stressful and sucks because you don’t know if they even know you’re alive. But the bright and happy part? That’ll be the energy today. Think fresh, happy, and plenty of new perspectives. Your already bright personality could gain some extra wattage as you turn that excitement to a relationship or project. Go shine bright, and be awesome, Cancer!

Today’s Good Vibe: Radiate the light! Life is a delicate and fragile balance of light and darkness. You get to choose which parts of your life to illuminate and which ones to leave to the shadows. Your light can brighten the paths of those around you as well, as theirs can yours if you let it. Shine your light on them when they need it, and don’t forget to leave your own path sufficiently lit, too.