Cancer Horoscope

Jul 3, 2022…. Fire in the hole! Cancer, you could be da bomb dot com at accomplishing goals when you dig into the vibes today. This Sunday, you could find excellent energies to restart a project or rethink an idea that hasn’t been panning out. Perseverance will be the key word of the day, you little firecracker! Don’t give up on a dream before you give it a few tries. If you want it, try, try again. If you fall, you can re-energize with the vibes and pick yourself back up. Let’s do this, Cancer.

Today’s Good Vibe: Sometimes we stick with something that isn’t working because we can’t bear the thought of having wasted our time and energy for nothing. It is okay to not want to give up. But when you take your best shot at something, it’s never a waste nor a defeat. It takes bad experiences to really appreciate the good ones. So, next time something isn’t working out, try saying to yourself, “I must have needed that!” and give yourself permission to move on. You can use what you learned to grow and nail it next time.