Leo Horoscope

Dec 5, 2022… Leading an army of fire-breathing llamas while riding a Segway could be Leo’s LOOK today. The vibe will be reflecting “take charge” vibes — and you could be all about that leader life if you want to be. Between your optimism, forward thinking, and these vibes, you could gather a llama army to do your bidding, easy-peasy. Use this knowledge for constructive, helpful things and you could make a serious impact. Up and at it, Lion!

Though they may never tell you, someone out there admires and reveres you. Perhaps it’s because of the confidence in your walk, the way you love unconditionally, your impressive leadership, your magical, inspiring laugh, or something else entirely. There are things about you that have others looking to you as their role model. Keep being authentically you. After all, you never know who’s watching.