Leo Horoscope

Mar 26, 2023… Leo, you could be feeling flighty from the emotional energies floating around. There aren’t any ants in your pants (I hope), so simmer down, tater tot. You’re also not a bird, but that’s another conversation. As emotions rise throughout the day, you could feel like running in the opposite direction from heavy conversations or heart-to-hearts. Don’t! Challenge yourself to stand your ground. Emotions can sometimes be hard and icky, but they’re no match for you. Overcome by powering through!

Today’s Good Vibe: There once was a tadpole who dreamt of flying. This tadpole never gave up on her dreams, however ridiculed she was by others. Finally, the tadpole grew into a frog and the next thing she knew, she leapt toward the heavens. However briefly, she was soaring through the skies! You, too, can achieve your dreams, no matter how much doubt others cast at you because your success is what you determine it should be.