Libra Horoscope

Jun 27, 2023… Walking from one task to the next like the house is on fire could keep your heart rate up, but never slowing down may not be the best approach to overall wellness. Instead of doing all the things like the Little Red Hen on speed, working in a little downtime or well-paced work could help you achieve without over-achieving and running on fumes. Try not to multitask when you eat a meal. Enjoy each bite. Work in some self-care time as well as time for the people (or pets) you love. The vibe today will make where you’re going less important than how you get there. The energy will flow well when you focus on health and wellness over stats and goals. You matter as much (more!) as any goal you achieve.

Today’s Good Vibe: When opportunity doesn’t seem to be coming to visit you anytime soon, go knock on its door. You have the power to create your own opportunities. Talk to people, go out and explore, take action, create new intentions, or surf the web and find ways to make your own ways to move forward in what you want. You can do it.