Pisces Horoscope

May 5, 2021… Who told the Universe it could turn up the volume on your sensitivity? Not me! The vibe could have your already sensitive soul feeling a little extra today, Fishy. Alert the Zodiac! You could be tempted to retreat to escape the strong emotional energy, but take care that you don’t run so far away that you lose yourself entirely. Your sensitivity is a superpower, even if it doesn’t always feel like one. If you can tap into it to magnify your kindness and not your anxiety, you’ll likely be a big help to the rest of the Zodiac (and yourself!). Go be the queen or king of kind.

Today’s Good Vibe: As children, our bodies experience growing pains. As we get older, we experience growing pains of a different kind. We grow as we become better people, but the experience isn’t without ache. Every trial we go through helps our soul get to a more mature state of being. Though these trials of growth are often painful, they are worth it.